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(1) High12/12/2012 8:26 AMActive

Can we please have a hide feature or a start and end date attached to folders and or documents so that we do not have to mess with permissions??

Example: semester teachers may not want students to have access to chapter 10 before we begin but I would like to preload my work for the semester..


Connect to Office(2) Normal2/21/2012 1:39 PMActive

I attemped to follow instructions to Connect to Office; however, I was not able to due to a JavaScript error (see below).  I attempted to accomplish in Chrome, but the feature was not enabled.  

I also attempted to connect to Office in Share Documents, sites, Pictures, etc. without sucess.  

connect to office.JPG

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; MDDC; BRI/1; InfoPath.3; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E; Tablet PC 2.0)

Timestamp: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 18:14:27 UTC

Message: 'return' statement outside of function

Line: 55

Char: 49

Code: 0


Discussions(2) Normal5/25/2012 11:24 PMActive

On Sharon Milito's site (Henry ES), she added discussion item and inserted a picture.  This caused the discussion item to "lock up" -- can't edit, delete, reply, etc.  But the inappropriate flag still works on this item.

Discussion with image issue.jpg

Drop Box (Student Files)(2) Normal8/31/2012 12:04 PMActive
Drop Box (Student Files)(2) Normal8/31/2012 12:11 PMActive

Teacher Tammi Price had her students turn in a assignment to her drop box,, but the assignments for the class either did not submit or are not visible. 
For further information contact Tammi Price at
D. Swanson​


Discussions(2) Normal9/14/2012 10:14 AMActive

​The discussion board is not functioning correctly (it is not displaying content submitted by student users; however, the content is being submitted and an email notification of content being submitted is being sent) on the following link:​

Media(3) Low2/21/2012 1:43 PMActive

Awaiting teacher input as to whether this has been resolved or not. 

Can not add content to the media web part without deleting and then undoing. If user error I would LOVE to know what I am doing wrong. ​The attached video shows the issue.

Calendar(1) High2/21/2012 1:36 PMClosed
Unable to connect Outlook calendars or overlay other calendars with teacher site calendars.

Calendar(1) High2/8/2012 12:48 PMClosed

On teacher home page, anonymous users cannot view files linked on calendar.

Scenario:  Teacher places a document in a shared doc library of home page, then adds link to this doc in the home page calendar in the "Linked File" field.  Although anonymous users can open/view doc in shared doc library, they cannot open the document via the calendar link.​

Navigation(2) Normal2/6/2012 12:39 PMClosed

It would be nice to have a home button on the main teacher navigation so that students can navigate back to the main part of the site for their teacher without having to follow bread crumbs. ​

Surveys(2) Normal1/31/2012 6:52 PMClosed

I attemped to change permissions for Anonymous​ users; however, I was unable to find a solution that accomplish the goal of allowing ​Anonymous users the privilages to view surveys, as well as provide response.   



(2) Normal1/31/2012 6:50 PMClosed
User debiscl is recieving 100+ emails a day from several different users that she would like to end recieving email alerts from.  After the user deleted the alerts from all users, the changes were not retained and promptly returned.  



Drop Box (Student Files)(1) High2/21/2012 1:34 PMResolved

Student A submits a file called test.docx; Student B in same class submits same file.  If check box to add new version is clicked, Student B's version is included in Student A's drop box as a new version.  If check box is not clicked, Student B gets error.​

Discussions(1) High2/8/2012 8:32 AMResolved

In Class 1 site, for instance, spstudent1 (Passwordsp1) get error when submitting inappropriate post.  It seems only ownder of site can submit abusive posts on class sites (main teacher page is working OK).​

Drop Box (Student Files)(1) High1/27/2012 7:12 AMResolved

UPDATE 1/26 - 4:30 Students in Wybrant's mythology classes are still given an error message similar to the one noted for Audra Anderson's classes below.

Very critical issue.  Update at 0930 from multiple teachers:  This is a sytem-wide issue that prevents students from using the drop box!

The student account is from Audra Anderson’s 7th period:

Teacher Username: anderal2

Student Username: AVILASA8474
Sudent Password: 9SnowFlake!
When submitting doc to drop box, student gets Error: Access Denied  ..Sign in as different user.  Student Avila Ochoa, Samara Adilene seems to have correct permissions.

Drop Box (Student Files)(1) High2/6/2012 12:40 PMResolved

​The dropbox for one set of my classes works, but for the other it does not. 

See attached description and screenshot.

Login(2) Normal2/8/2012 8:30 AMResolved

Can only login from the home page, not from class pages or other pages.​

Discussions(2) Normal2/21/2012 1:37 PMResolved


Discussion tool issue appears in IE (not in Firefox or Chrome). The bottom two posts in this discussion are unviewable, uneditable in IE v8.  The view and reply icons do not work.  In Chrome and Firefox, however, this is not an issue and the view and reply functionality work for these items.  Clearing cache in IE, restarting, etc., had no effect -- problem persists.

IE discussion issue.jpg

Drop Box (Student Files)(2) Normal4/17/2012 1:39 PMResolved

Submitted on behalf of Davia Taylor, 6th grade math teacher at Swigert.  

Mrs. Taylor was attempting to move student work from the drop box to the class period folders that she created.  After clicking the move option, she pasted the destination URL for the folder which she hope to move the file to.  

The following error occured: 

SP Error.png

Other(2) Normal5/25/2012 11:22 PMResolved
symbol hyperlinks.png

Teacher Davia Taylor reports that when students download documents that contain hyperlinks, the "#" symbol is placed in front of the link, making the link non functional.  
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