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4th grade

I have not been doing this ALL day!


Reading-Students will finish up City of Ember read aloud and foldable/We will also be wrapping up our Literature books

Math-Students will be working on Fraction faces as a review

Science-Students will be working to creating an alarm circuit and making connections to text with in the science realm.

Social Studies-The gold rush!

4/18-4/21(No school on Friday)

Reading-Inventors and City of Ember


Science-Electricity and guest teachers for ecosystems

City of Ember-Tying together vocabulary and problem solving skills


We do not have reading logs this week, due to testing.  We will have specials from 8-9 every morning this week and will test from 9-10:45 Tuesday-Friday.  

Reading-We will talk about inventors

Writing-Students are writing folktales/folklores/myths for Author's day

Math-We will be reviewing math concepts.(NO HOMEWORK)

Science-Students are having fun investigating electricity.​  They tried to light a lightbulb with a potato, but struggled.  

We are still reading City of Ember-this is a great opportunity for students to make connections between literature and science.  The kids are using the ideas of electricity to problem solve the issues in our story.



Reading-New Literature Circle books, ask about their new books; City of Ember; tall tales

Homework-Math will come home on Tuesday and Thursday.  Reading logs are due Thursday.


Testing Tuesday through Friday from 9-11.  Please try and not have any appointments during these times.

Reading-City of Ember, wrapping of lit circle books


Homework-none this week, reading logs will go home tomorrow.


Lit circle reading


Social Studies-economics​


Homework-Students should be reading their Lit books for the 20 minutes of reading each night.  They should also be doing Mobymax for 10 minutes a night and a math worksheet.​

Reading-Students are still doing lit circles and focusing on character.  We will also boe reading historical fiction and text features.

Math-​Students are learning to convert fractions in to decimals.

Writing-we will finish our letters about opinions of ads.  We will be giving opinions and debating over team mascots.

Science-we will be moving into electricity and energy.


Homework-We have a reading log with the mobymax log at the bottom.  Students should be reading 20 minutes a night and doing 10 minutes of mobymax reading(informational or literature) as well as the math worksheet.​

Reading-We are continuing the Lit circles and have had some great discussions.  We will be starting City of Ember as read aloud and will be doing some STEM work with the story as well.

Science-We are going to focus on Tesla this week.  A great scientist with connections to Colorado Springs.

Writing-We are working on writing persuasive and information text.

Math-We are starting our next unit-Comparing fractions and simplifying fractions.


Homework for this week is 10 minutes of MobyMax a night-Reading Literature, Reading 20 minutes a night and fill out the reading log with questions, and math worksheet

Literature Circles-Students had a great discussion last week on their books.  We will continue the reading circle groups and their individual jobs.

Math-Students are still adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions

Science-finishing up Space with individualized research.

Writing-Students are going to start their opinion writing.  Many finished up their Science of Me autobiographies-they are amazing!

2/4-2/11  HOMEWORK FOR THIS WEEK- Students should be doing 10 minutes of math and 10 minutes of reading literature on MobyMax this week.  Have them show you what they are doing.  It is a great program!!!  I will be grading them on their completion of the 20 minutes on average a night.  It is due on Thursday.

CONGRATS to the following students for doing at least 20 minutes of Moby Max last night!!!

Rachelle, Reiley, Shakirah, Jasmyne, Kaci

Week of Feb 8

We will be testing over Unit 4-Point of View.  Begin working on Literature Circles-ask your child what book they are reading!  We will do most of the reading and work in class, but they may have to finish up work at home.

Writing-Finishing Autobiographies-The Science of Me.  Start persuasive writing

Math-We are still working with Fractions.

Science-investigating other things in our solar system!

SS-Finishing posters and starting the economics unit.

Week of Feb 1-I hope that everyone has enjoyed the snow days and stayed safe.  Homework is due tomorrow. Don't forget the Valentine's Party next Friday!!!   

Writing-On Thursday and Friday we will finish writing and typing up our autobiographies.  Ask you child about it-they are turning out great!  

Reaading-We will be reading our Time for Kids.  This is a great opportunity to see their growth in reading non-fiction text.  They will be talking about point of view and pulling out context clues.

Math-We will be adding and subtracting fractions with common denominators.  Fractions can be scary for kids, but we are working on strategies to help and step by step concepts.

Science-We will be creating a toilet paper model of how big the solar system really is.  I am sorry if they want to duplicate it at home.

SS-students will be starting a unit on economics.  They may come home and ask or try and relate some of this vocabulary to things that are going on at home.  If you are not sure, please email me!

Week of January 25

Thank you for all the wonderful projects!  The students did a great job!  We just finished up our biographies of famous people.  

Writing-Student were supposed to turn them in Friday Jan 22.  This week we will begin our Science of Me biographies.  Students will be making timelines and then writing a biography in the form of a Science Lab write up!

Science-We are still studying the solar system and will focus on other things found in space

Reading-We are reading about Lincoln and other biographies

Math-We had our test on Friday and will review it Monday.  Please sign and return their evaluation.  Please go over any missed problems.  Students can get half credit for redoing the answers.  Please have them return the corrected work and self-evaluations by Wednesday.  We are starting our Unit on Fractions.

WELCOME BACK!  I hope that everyone had a safe and funfilled holiday break!  I am so glad to be back with the students and all the learning we have to do this half of the year!  

Students have a math and spelling/grammar worksheet due on Monday.  We will get back into the routine of reading logs, spelling/grammar and math next week.  Please check the calendar for more information.

Student have a Planet project that is Due January 13th.  Students can create Bibliographies on  A copy of the project will be under the shared documents tab to the left.  If students lose theirs they can reprint it!

We are back on our specials schedule from the beginning of the year.  




Thursday Music/PE


Thank you for your flexibility!!!



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