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​​​​​​​​​The Doherty High School Writing Center

Where?: Room 200 (in the English hallway)

When?: Monday- Friday, 7:40-3:00 p.m.

What?:  Peer Tutoring in 9th Grade English

AFTER-SCHOOL TUTORING: Beginning after Labor Day, the Writing Center also provides tutoring for all English grades 9-12  Monday through Thursday 3:20-4:20 p.m. in room 200. All levels including AP are welcome! I hope to see you there.


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​The Doherty High School Writing Center

​Resources and Support for Each English 1 & 2 Unit:
(​Click on the links to get to resources)

Q 1: Narrative

Q2: Literary Analysis

Q3: Argumentative

Q4: Persuasive​



The DHS Tutoring Center supports students in reaching academic goals and promotes independent learning.

"I'm thrilled to be here to lead the peer tutors in guiding ninth graders to their most succesful year yet! The writing center is a place to feel safe about making mistakes.  It is only through failure that we can succeed!" ~ Mrs. Suzi Schandoney, Writing Center Lead English Teacher



  • RELATIONSHIPS: Establishes relationships by communicating with students, teachers, counselors, and parents in an effort to improve student success


  • MONITORING of PROGRESS: Provides interventions including skill practice, test preparation, and assignment completion. We will also self-monitor for on-going evaluation to best meet the needs of the school. We will evaluate data and seek feedback from teachers, students, and parents for our center's success. Data sources include the following: D/F reports, Common Assessments, Short Cycle Curriculum Based Measures, and Credit Deficiency.


  • PERSONALIZATION: Provides one-on-one or small group instruction through peer tutors who receive on-going training and evaluation

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What are the dominant writing genres?

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How well do you know the different types of writing?

Click on each link below to find out more.

Q 1: Narrative

Q2: Literary Analysis

Q3: Argumentative

Q4: Persuasive

What is the writing process?51MBGN2KSEL__SS500_.jpg

Do you follow the writing process when you write papers for class?

What steps do you tend to avoid or get stuck in?

Learn more about each step of the process in order to improve your writing by

clicking on the following link:


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 Click on the image above to go to the page with activities and help with literary devices.  So many to know! Do you know them?  Find out!


Here's one set of devices you may have worked with before. 









How would you rate your vocabulary?


Did you know that the new state assessments are the SAT and the PSAT?  These tests are an amazing opportunity for students not only to show off what they know but for students to get into the post-secondary world.  One aspect that these state assessments include, that is different from the tests Colorado has used in prior years, is the vocabulary sections.  How's your vocabulary? Are you ready to be tested?  Go to the following page by clicking the link below for vocabulary tips, tricks, and exercises.





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So maybe you have great ideas and you know what you want to say, but your issue is how to say it in the correct or academic style? Or maybe you dread the revising and editing steps in the writing process? If you can answer "yes" to the above questions, you better seek out the grammar page of this site for help.


 Cool Links

Story Wonk has the coolest stuff!!!

Podcasts, lessons, and more. 

Learn about how the pros write.

Get some ideas.  Have fun!

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