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Welcome to the Education Pathway Program located at the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus in Colorado Springs School District # 11. The courses in the Education Pathway program prepare high school students for post-seconday education and careers in the Education field.

The recommended course sequence is listed below:

​Time​Semester 1​Time​Semester 2
1st. Block​Paraprofessional Educator 1 & 2​1st. Block

​Teacher Cadet 1 & 2

​2nd. Block​Early Childhood Education 101 & 102​2nd. Block

​Child & Adolescent Development & Relationships

​3rd Block​Child & Adolescent Development & Relationships​3rd Block

​Paraprofessional Educator 1 & 2


Course Descriptions, Articulations,  Concurrent Enrollment, Industry Certifications

Early Childhood Education 101 and 102

ECE 101/102 is a blocked semester-long course that offers an introduction to the early childhood education profession. This course introduces students to careers in education-specifically with children 0-8 years-old (child care centers, preschool and kindergarten classrooms). This course includes an emphasis on professionalism and developmentally effective practice and includes an overview of history of early education, theoretical program models, different types of early childhood programs, community resources, professional organizations, and contemporary trends and issues in programs for children ages birth to eight. This course includes a practicum experience in the field: (75 practicum hours are required: 60 internship hours/15 observation hours). Practicum hours are completed during class time in an approved childcare center, preschool, or kindergarten classroom.

Course Standards:

  • Child growth and Development
  • Health, Nutrition, and Safety
  • Developmentally Effective Approaches
  • Guidance
  • Family and Community Relationships
  • Culture and Individual Diversity
  • Professionalism
  • Administration and supervision

Grades: 10 – 12                                            

H.S. Credits: 2 practical arts or elective                                      

Course Code: CF.ECED1H / 2H

Pikes Peak Community College Articulated Credits:  3 credits

ECE 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education (3 credits)

(Must earn an 80% or better both quarters to be elgible for college credit)


Early Childhood Education Career Opportunities:


Paraprofessional Educator 1, 2 

The Paraprofessional Educator 1 & 2 is a blocked semester-long course using the University of Colorado Denver's CO-TOP Curriculum for Para educators. Students that successfully complete this course are eligible for a Paraprofessional certificate and 8 college credits. Upon csuccessfuly ompletion of the program, students will be prepared to enter the education profession as an Educational Assistant (EA)/Paraprofessional/Paraeducator). This course provides training in instructional methods, use of technology, behavior management techniques and includes training for American Heart Association CPR/AED/First Aid Certificate, Work keys skills test preparation, a 30 hour practicum experience in the classroom, and resume and interview practice.  This course also provides the foundation necessary for students interested in becoming a teacher.

Grades: 11 – 12                                            

 H.S. Credits: 2  practical arts or elective                                          

Course Code: CF.PARAED1/2

University of Colorado Denver : 8 College Credits

Courses Taught:

  1. Instructional Teamwork
  2. Orientation to Special Education
  3.  Student Supervision
  4. Instructional Strategies
  5. Behavior Management
  6. Significant Communication Support
  7. Significant Supports for Challenging Behavior
  8.  CO-TOP Practicum


Career Opportunities:


Teacher Cadet is an honors course for high school juniors and seniors. This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth look at the profession of teaching, (Kindergarten-High School). Students study the growth and development of the learner, as well as the historical, social, political, philosophical, cultural, legal and economic forces that shape the United States public school system. In addition, students complete a fifty-hour field experience in a school classroom during class time. This is a blocked semester-long sequential honors elective course with college credit options. The Teacher Cadet curriculum has been aligned with the Colorado Teacher Performance Standards. Teacher Cadet is a CCHE academic elective.

Grades: 11 – 12                                            

H.S. Credits: 2  practical arts or elective

Course Code: CF.CADET1 / 2

Colorado State University Pueblo:  3 credits

*May transfer to other four-year colleges and universities

Course Outline:

Theme One: Experiencing Learning

-Awareness and Reflection

-Learning Styles and Needs

-Human Growth and Development

Theme Two: Experiencing the Profession

-Education History and Trends

-Education Structure and Governance

-Teacher Certification and Employment

-Ethics and Professionalism

Theme Three: Experiencing the Classroom

-Observation and Preparation

-Application and Instruction: The Field Experience ("mini-student teaching experience")

Theme Four: Analysis and Reflectio

-The Portfolio                


Careers in Teaching:


Child & Adolescent Development

Grades: 9-12                                  

H.S. Credits: 1                                               

Course Code: CF.PARENT

Prerequisite: None

Child & Adolescent Development is an introduction to the professions in the education field. This course helps students acquire academic knowledge and understanding of child development necessary for strengthening the well-being of children and families. Emphasis is placed on providing a nurturing environment for children from before birth through adolescence, as well as the issues and decisions involved in creating healthy families. Students will gain this knowledge through lecture, projects, readings, guest speakers, field trips and hands-on experiences such as the Empathy Belly (pregnancy simulator), and taking home the required  RealCare Infant simulator.




Grades: 9-12                                 

 H.S. Credits: 1  practical arts or elective                                                                         

Course Code: CF.RELA

Prerequisite: None

Students will acquire academic knowledge and understanding necessary for healthy, respectful and caring relationships across the life span. Students integrate knowledge, skills and practices required by individuals and families to develop, manage, and strengthen: intrapersonal relationships; interpersonal relationships; adult relationships; and family relationships. The focus is on the development for the individual as an adult family leader. Emphasis is placed on family dynamics, effective communication and healthy interpersonal relationships.



Annie Friesema

Education Pathway Instructor

Early College High School & Career Pathways

@ Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus

2115 Afton Way

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Office: 719-328-3086

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