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Loved an unexpected visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​EVERYTHING YOU DO IS WORTH SOMETHING in class!

Welcome to the home page for Geography/World History, US History, and AP HUG led by your hostess, Mrs. Johnson.  My goal this year is to help students learn to conduct history labs, applying critical thinking to history and geography. History and Geography are MORE than memorization!  It is ​​​​debatable and FUN! We are excited to welcome you!

You are welcome to turn in any late/missing work by the Friday before the end of the Quarter for only a 10% reduction, unless an OOPS coupon is attached. This includes the Hall Pass extra credit assignment which is outlined on the Hall Pass itself.  There are no extensions otherwise. HONORS: no late/missing work and no extra credit.

Each Friday, Progress Monitoring sheets are due.  If the week ends earlier, the PMS is due the last day of that week. You can have the week of the end of term "off." No PMS that week:) Feel free to Progress Monitor Tuesday 3pm to Friday 3pm as that is when grades are up to date. PMS sheets will be given on Tuesdays, due Friday.

Daily learning targets can be found by clicking the calendar tab on the left, then clicking on any particular day for either US history (10) or Geography/World History (9). If there was a handout, it can be found in the folder labeled "missed" for your class period, in the crate that is in the back of 217. Heip yourself. I will not be hunting you down to make you take an assignment you missed.  It will most likely not be posted on the website to avoid copyright issues and encourage you to responsibly obtain your missed work. There is also a binder labeled "US History" and one labeled "Geography/WH" with a printout of each day's calendar in case you are unable to access it outside of class.

EXTRA help needed? Come in during lunch Thursdays​, or after school from 3-3:30 Monday-Friday generally.

 KEY CLUB google classroom code: iqtvx1z

Geog/WH: ID 6972728; pw: Ilovechs;  Google classroom: m6g93m​

US Hist: ID 10694216; pw: Ilovehistory, Google classroom: rhnn3l quizlet CODE:​

​​APHUG: Google Classroom: xfzjdi APHUG Calendar/website/assignments: APHUG site​​ use code  L97TW.



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