Welcome to the Enlightenment! This semester you have learned about the European Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation, both great times of change. The next big advancement in western thought comes by way of the Enlightenment. Luther's break from the church and printing the bible on the printing press inspired many new types of philosophies.  The enlightened thinkers had many ideas of about philosophy, politics, and religion.  Many of these enlightened thinkers such as John Locke inspired the American Constitution.  You could say that they were the progressive thinkers of their time.   In this project you will learn about these enlightened thinkers and create a Facebook for them.



You will research the enlightened thinkers on a worksheet that is provided.  The enlightened thinkers are John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Mary Wollstonecraft, Voltaire, Montesquieu, and Jean Jacques Rousseau.  When you have read about each enlightened thinker you will write down your findings on the worksheet. The research that you complete on your worksheet will help you on your Facebook page that you will create.  The worksheet will also become a study guide for the end of this unit. 

When you are done completing your worksheet on all of the enlightened thinkers you will create a Facebook page on the provided Facebook template about your assigned enlightened thinker.  You will be given a worksheet that will provide you an outline for the information you will need for your enlightened thinker's facebook page.  When you have the outline completed you will complete your fake Facebook page and e-mail the link to the teacher.  You will also need to hand in your research worksheet and your Facebook outline worksheet.  


Requirements for your enlightened thinkers Facebook page:

1. Put a picture of your enlightened thinker on the page

2. Fill out their personal information, this information should be accurate.

   3. You will need to know information such as where were they born, how old are they (just give me the age and the year), were they married, what is their job, and what are their likes and dislikes.

   4.  You will need to add who would be their friends, you will need to add people from their time period, but you will also add people from today’s period.  You will need to add a minimum of 5 people from their time period and 2 people from the 21st century.  For example if you think John Locke would be friends with Barack Obama you can put him as a friend. You will have to explain why you chose the modern day people as their friends.

    5. You will also need to have four posts with responses from their friends that you listed on their fake wall.


Post one - Explain why they are friends with the modern people that you chose. 

Response - Have 2 enlightened thinkers and 1 modern friend respond to this post, they can make fun of them if you want them to do that.

Post two - Tell me their greatest achievements that they made in their life. 

 Response - Have 2 enlightened thinkers and 1 modern friend respond in a competitive nature and list some of their personal achievements.

Post three - Post their political viewpoints on how government should work. 

Response - Have 2 enlightened thinkers and 1 modern friend argue with their opinion.  For example if you have John Locke, Thomas Hobbes will argue with his opinion.

 Post four - Post their thoughts on freedoms and political rights.

Response - Have 2 enlightened thinkers and 1 modern friend argue with their opinion or add to their thoughts about their opinion.

Here are all of you webpages that will help you with your project.  The first section of links are the worksheets you need and the link to the final page for the project.  

Worksheets - to be turned in!
Enlightenment Thinkers Research
Facebook Outline
Facebook Template

Research Articles
Enlightenment Period Articles 
John Locke 
Thomas Hobbes 
Mary Wollstonecraft 
Baron de Montesquieu
Jean Jacques Rousseau


Now that you are done with your assignment you should be able to tell me about the views of all of the  assigned enlightened thinkers.  You have gained useful knowledge that explains where modern ideas about government come from, including the United States  Constitution, as well as how many Europeans and Americans understand the world around them.  What you have learned about is the progressive thinkers of that time period.  Without these enlightened thinkers we would not have the cement for many of the viewpoints that politicians express today. This is a great time period and a great time of change!  Congratulations on a job well done! 

If you want to further your knowledge please go to this website: 


This is how your work will be evaluated.
Research Worksheet is complete and accurate
The student completed research on only one enlightened thinker and the information is not accurate.  
The student only completed research on two to three enlightened thinkers and the information is not very accurate. 
The student didn’t complete research on at least one of the enlightened thinkers and the information is somewhat inaccurate.
The research is complete on all of the enlightened thinkers and the research is accurate. 
Outline for the Fake Facebook Page is complete and accurate
The work is not complete on the outline.  The student did not meet the requirements for this page.
The outline is only half way filled out or the information is inaccurate. 
Some of the information on the outline is inaccurate but the outline is complete.
All of the requirements are met for the My Fake Wall and all of the information on the wall is accurate.
My Fake Wall Requirm-
The student only met a few of the requirements, the work is not complete. 
The student is missing several requirements and the information is inaccurate. 
The work is complete and all requirements are met but some of the information is inaccurate.
Description of identifiable performance characteristics reflecting the highest level of performance.
Time on Task and creativity 
The student was off task and the fake wall is unorganized and lacks creativity.
The student was off task more than two days of the project.  The fake wall could have been done better and lacks creativity. 
The student was on task the majority of the time.  The fake wall meets requirements but is lacking some creativity.
The student was on task 100% of the time.  The fake wall meets all requirements and is very creative. 

4th Period Only
The C Option - You have the option to complete this project without completing the "friend responses" on your fake Facebook page. If you choose to do this, the highest possible grade you can receive is a 75% on this project. To be clear, in order to receive a 75% you need to follow the above scoring rubric but only on your assigned Enlightenment philosopher. If you want to go for this option you must tell Mr. Blakesley when he assigns you your philosopher.